We are changing the way you build.

Monopath is a single-source envelope delivery system designed to provide a more efficient, affordable, and durable home.

This process allows the entire envelope of the home (structure, insulation, waterproofing, siding, and roofing) to be built by the same specialty contractor, which reduces construction errors, eliminates waste, and greatly reduces cost.  Our homes can be built much quicker than conventional construction and provide a better performing, more environmentally-friendly building.

Monopath homes are built using pre-fabricated OSB (oriented strand board) panels to create the building structure in only a few days.  A robust moisture barrier and insulation system is applied to the exterior of the structure, eliminating “thermal bridges” and resulting in a more air-tight building.  By providing whole-house ventilation, the result is a healthier home that has lower energy bills and less long-term maintenance costs.




Less Waste

Less Time

Less Confusion

Less Maintenance

Less Future Cost

Less Repair

Less Stress


More Freedom.