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Steve Schirber, Principal

Steve Schirber is the Principal of Development and Research for Monopath.  His expertise comes from over 20 years of service in the construction industry specializing in insulation, building systems and performance.

Steve has a BCE in Structural Engineering from the University of MN and is an NRPP Radon measurement specialist/mitigation provider, BPI certified envelope specialist and Building Analyst.

Steve is also the General Manager and Principal at Cocoon, an insulation, radon mitigation and diagnostic testing contractor.


Andy Campbell, Principal

Andy Campbell is the Design Principal and brand manager for the Monopath system. He earned his Masters of Architecture at the University of Minnesota, where he studied pre-fabricated building technologies. Andy is a licensed architect in the state of Minnesota and has over ten years of experience designing residential projects for a variety of architects and builders in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro.

In addition to designing Monopath homes, Andy has a separate practice designing custom residential and small commercial projects. www.acdesignco.co